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The Kaprun Edition

Your Landlords

Susanne Fischer

Susanne Fischer

Owner and Director. Mrs. Fischer has realized her dream with this renting company and is glad to make your holiday to something special. For countless years, Susanne Fischer has made this company to what it is today. A lot of attention to details, always an open ear and the constant effort to make your holiday a special one - all this is what characterizes our boss. Your well-being during your stay here in the Kaprun Edition is the top priority. We, the employees, appreciate Mrs. Fischer's handling with all employees. Where there is a problem, there is also a solution. Thank you very much for your constant effort! Your Edition Team


Christian Fischer

Reception and guests requests. Our Christian may not always be present, but much in the background runs through his hands. In addition to his studies, he takes care of your well-being and is always happy to provide you with special guest wishes. Christian has an open ear for all employees and can be seen as the heart of the Edition. Even though a guest may not always be in direct touch with him, his handwriting is always recognizable by the team. In addition to the reception, Christian takes care of special guests and always brings up great ideas.