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Adventure Pots - sleep in a wine barrel in Austria

Barrel of laughs by The Kaprun Edition

Are you looking for unusual hotels in Austria with a slightly different kind of accommodation? The Adventure Pots by The Kaprun Edition are ideal for all of you who want to avoid staying in the same run-of-the-mill holiday apartment again and again. Sleep in a wine barrel in Austria with exclusive, fancy charm and full privacy!

Sleeping in the “Wein-Fass” in Austria for families and friends

The Adventure Loge provides you with a luxury wooden chalet with three bedrooms and a private terrace, where you will find two sleeping-wine-barrels, each for 2 persons, with a private bathroom-barrel and a sauna-barrel. In addition to that you will find a wood-fired bathbarrel. This combination offers the perfect setting for extraordinary holidays with family and friends. Located directly at the river, you get to enjoy full privacy combined with all amenities and advantages of The Kaprun Edition – certainly a somewhat different holiday for adventurous guests.


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